About Us
NORMAL, (National Organization for Real Men Against Liberalism,) it's more than just an acronym, more than just a word, it's a belief, a belief that the political liberal must be overcome. The political liberal is a politician who believes, (by his/her actions or words,) that the Government knows best, and is best suited to care for its citizens. On the other hand NORMAL fosters the idea that in a free society only the people themselves have the resources, compassion and sensibility to govern a country. We do not believe in extremes, such as anarchy or communism, instead we covet the Constitution of The United States, and the representative republic in which it protects. Our Government has grown too large and too powerful, and only the voice of the people, and the ballot box can bring it back to a Government run by the people instead of a Government over the people that we see existing today. Power and control run deep, and the catalyst behind them is taxes and social programs. As the politicians vote to take more of your hard earned money they take more power. As the politicians vote to spend more of your hard earned money on social programs they have more control. In a Country that stands for Freedom and Liberty we let political correctness erase both our Freedoms and Liberty. A person should be allowed to live his/her life as he/she believes best, as long as that lifestyle doesn't infringe on or interfere with another persons Freedoms and Liberties. And no public institution of learning should teach the children of a free nation that any one Religion or Lifestyle is better than another, this should be left to the parents and communities in which they live. How in a Free Nation can you have any one or more protected class of people, as a government shelters one class of people it must also oppress another. As we are learning in this Nation today it is impossible to protect one person over another without making one feel inadequate and the other angry. We are all created equal thus we should not be divided into groups by our Government, united we stand divided we fall. Ask yourself, should there be a box for race, sex, or disability on any government form?